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Jenny The Singing Healer

Distance Healing Now Available30-Aug-2011

Now you can experience a powerful, life-changing healing anywhere in the world w..

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Welcome to the

Soul Inspiring Sanctuary

The inspirational haven for healthy, conscious living.

Do you know how incredibly amazing you are, with unique gifts and talents to share with the world? Do you know that you are a powerful being, who is capable of extraordinary accomplishments? I believe in you! Do you believe in yourself

We as individuals, are indeed on an incredible journey of self-discovery, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Our spirit longs for growth, and that's why we are all here on this amazing planet we call Earth.  We came here to love one another as one, and that includes the self, to believe in our unique selves, serving in a way that brings us joy and to find balance in all areas of our life. 

The Soul Inspiring Sanctuary was created as a haven to nurture the soul, to heal & transform the body, mind & soul and is a place to just BE.  

Here, I trust, you will discover products, services and information to help heal yourself, realize your amazing potential and live the life of your dreams!


Jenny  xx

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